About Us

Warehouse Storage Systems and Equipment

Gintech Systems Sdn. Bhd. provides one-stop solutions for products, services and solutions to warehouse storage systems and equipment. Our headquarter is situated in Penang, Malaysia. The company is formed in June 2022, but meanwhile our management has 15 years’ experience on this field. Our expertise is in planning, design, project management and tailor-made system & solutions to suit operation requirements.

Our professional team has many years of experience of practical experience on field and project management. Our company is working with many business collaborators across Malaysia to deliver the best services and products. The project planning and product qualities are always our key goals of success.

Our Vision
To be a reliable, responsible and effective warehouse storage solution provider for our customer.
Our Mission
With years of experience, Gintech Systems Sdn. Bhd.'s focus is to provide efficient and effective services throughout the project. We are tailored to ensure productive design, lead time control, high quality workmanship and consistency of products quality.